September 26th, 2014
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Stop Feeding The Monkey

Do you ever catch yourself thinking bad thoughts about your boss, about your boyfriend, about your wife, about yourself, about the crappy TV show you are watching, about the text message you just got, about…yea you get the idea  That’s called feeding your Monkey.

STOP feeding your Monkey.

Step 1:

– Just watch, you can keep on feeding the Monkey, that’s fine. Watch when are feeding the Monkey. Negative thoughts, triggering irritation, triggering anger…When you are aware of the fact that you are feeding your Monkey with negative thoughts (his food), then you are ready for:

Step 2:

– STOP. Stop that platter of negative thoughts you are about to serve to the Monkey – in mid action. Switch to something else. Kill the Monkey with a happy thought, or at least whack him in the head so he passes out for a while. The Monkey is starving like a dog when he’s not getting attention, not getting fed.

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Please let me know as soon as its released, cant wait to read this.