August 28th, 2014
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Movies That Make a Difference

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Movies. I love movies. Some are better than others, some carry deeper truths and messages than others. Some are just simply cooler and kicks more ass than others. In my book “Monkey Brain on Cocaine” – which is about our crazy minds spinning out of control (so I use the metaphor that our minds are all high on cocaine, the book has nothing to do with the drug itself) – I use examples from many movies, like Avatar, The Matrix and Total Recall. These movies are all relevant to how crazy the human race has become, how things are going on our planet, and how things are turning out in our lives – things are just getting out of control, and we need to take back the control. Share your thoughts, your feelings, and your story here with the rest of us crazy monkey brains – let’s make a difference, let’s improve our lives and let’s have some FUN!

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