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April 15th, 2018
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Many people are painting a doomsday, terminator style, scenario of machines in society and in the workplace – taking over completely, starting by making human labour obsolete. The shift to more machine labour is no doubt disrupting peoples’ lives in the short term (no longer needed), but in the long term we will likely see many new, better paid,... View/Post Comments

April 12th, 2018
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Homo Sapiens 2.0

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Fighting the machines, or embracing them? Well look at your love affair with your smartphone – you are already very deeply connected to technology, almost at a biological level, where you are able to project your personality and intelligence through your personal electronic device. THE NEXT STEP? Man evolved from simple organisms, man created technology (which is all just... View/Post Comments

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Monkey Brain vs Master Zen.

Who will win the fight – You, or Your Mind?

Monkey Brain, or Monkey Mind, comes from Chinese xinyuan and Sino-Japanese shin’en 心猿 and its literal meaning is “heart-/mind-monkey”. It’s a Buddhist term and means, “unsettled; restless; capricious; whimsical; fanciful; inconstant; confused; indecisive; uncontrollable”. We use it to express the uncontrollable and incessant stream of thoughts in our heads – Monkey Brain. Master Zen represents who we really are, underneath all the layers of negative thoughts and emotions. Master Zen is here to get us back on the right track, take control of our minds and make the mind an instrument to be used wisely, instead of a master that is using us, unwisely. At some point in the history of humanity we lost the ability to control our thinking and to control our minds, or perhaps we were simply born this way – and now it’s time to evolve into Homo Sapiens 2.0. The Monkey Brain has reached its pinnacle, and we’re at the brink of destroying humankind and planet Earth, our home – minds spinning out of control causing wars, pollution, extreme greed, anger, divorce, racial divisions and discrimination (to mention a few of what the human mind has accomplished)

We need to take back control of our minds, of our lives and of our destinies. We need to focus on all the beautiful and creative aspects of our minds, which means we have to become masters of ourselves, and not slaves to a Monkey Brain.

NOTE: The content on this website is meant to entertain and not be instructional in the fields of psychology, mind behaviour, mindfulness or any related field

Monkey Brain on Cocaine gets Trademark approval from USPTO

June 17th, 2016

Finally. This was a shot in the dark, and I initially regretted spending the cash for submitting “Monkey Brain on Cocaine” and the logo to the USPTO in an attempt to protect it with a Trademark. What a bloody stupid thing to do. But after a few rounds of revisions and updates and some extra fees to my lawyer – it’s there. Official. Someone at the USPTO must have realized that Monkey Brain on Cocaine actually does exist, in all of us, and decided...Read More >>

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