October 9th, 2014
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Go With The Flow on The Mighty Zambezi – AND in Your Life

I’ve just been rafting down the river Zambezi in Zambia, which is totally amazing. In my book, being launched next week, I talk about how we can live life to the max, not just by doing fun, cool and crazy things like rafting, but by generally adopting a philosophy in life to go with the flow. Here are a couple of lines from the book:

“Live life now, be an active player, but accept when the river flows west, accept when there comes a waterfall up ahead. Have the courage to go with the flow, don’t paddle upstream when you hear the waterfall, don’t swim for the shore and stand on the riverbank watching the river, your life – rush by. Be a participant, go with the flow – the more waterfalls you go down the more alive you will feel. Some people will park their ass on the riverbank at the first sign of a waterfall, and will never get to experience the feeling of being thrown down into the plunge pool at the bottom.”

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