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This is where you can blog about your famous celebrities and the stuff they do: good stuff, bad stuff and crazy stuff – as a result of their Monkey’s need for attention perhaps?

August 11th, 2014
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When the monkey in your head just can’t stop

By now, we’ve all heard Miley Cyrus’s recent single “We can’t stop”. Doesn’t this song just remind you of what’s going on in your head? You just can’t make it shut-up. Often we have a whole crew of little evil monkeys in the head – every one of them wants to get high on coke. Like Miley Cyrus sings:... Read More >>

August 9th, 2014
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Life’s much better with tons of cash – isn’t it? In his book, CJ Rosvall talks about the balance between having enough money and being happy. He also refers to Lorde’s song “Royals”. Check out her music video below! Get Monkey Brain On Cocaine now to make a real difference in your own life… Read More >>