October 15th, 2014
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Monkey Brain on Cocaine goes to Amazon: Book Launch

Now, after quite a lot of sweat, blood and tears – you can get my book an It’s been a pretty long journey, and that journey has been taken for both You an Me. I truly believe you can use this book to be able to live the life you want, and deserve – there are some very simple tools and instructions in this book that can turn your life around. You just have to be willing to do some of the work yourself. I wish I could just sell you a pill that can turn you into superman, or superwoman. This is the next best thing. Buying this book will hopefully be the best couple of dollars you will ever spend in your life.

And what am I getting out of it? One or two dollars, if you decide to buy the book. Sure. But, like you will understand when you read the book – this is not about money. If I can help you become sharper, more focused and see your life and your potential in a new light – that is worth so much more. A friend of mine said this about me writing this book:

“Wow – that must have been a therapeutic brain-dump for you!”

Well, that’s sort of true – sharing my own struggles I’ve had with “Monkey Brain on Cocaine” has been very enlightening for me, and I think it will be for you too.

Enjoy the book! Enjoy Your Life!

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