Unleash & Control the Power of Your Mind

Here we posts ways to kick the Monkey’s ass – taking control of our minds that are totally spinning out control. Have you ever tried to STOP THINKING for just 10 minutes? Hard as hell…

September 22nd, 2014
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Brushing Your Teeth – Properly!

Your are inside your head when you brush your teeth – take back some of the control by actually being present while brushing your teeth. Now you are absent, lost in thought. You brush your teeth, or should, twice a day, times two minutes = 4 minutes of being present, per day. Focus 100% on brushing your teeth. If... Read More >>

August 8th, 2014
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Shutting Monkey Brain Up – One sheep, two sheep….

For years and years, people have been debating over whether or not counting sheep helps you to fall asleep… A Youtube user, has posted a video entitled “The Best Counting Sheep To Go To Sleep”. The video is 01:01:08min long. Do you think this video/music will help you calm the monkey in your brain so you can sleep??? Try... Read More >>