April 29th, 2020
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Transformation in a World in Crisis

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In times of crisis, on a personal level or on a global level, there is always an opportunity for a permanent transformation – for change of great magnitude to take place. We can choose to see this pandemic we are going through as an opportunity to grow and do things differently – not just temporarily because we are forced to, but permanently because we want to. That’s how we evolve. Will we continue over-consuming with blatant disregard for the environment and of the inequalities in the world, when this pandemic is over? Will we go back to “normal”? Or will this be a global wake-up call, where we decide to prioritise very differently and, for once, learn an important lesson? Will we learn one of the biggest lessons of all – that “safe and secure” is simply a figment of our imagination, and that we need to live our lives, enjoy our lives, embrace uncertainty and the adventure that it actually means to live in a world that’s continuously changing? Less control-freaking. More living on the edge, more in the now. Less building safe walls around us, shielding us from danger, shielding us from life. More spontaneous living, more open-mindedness. Less taking, more giving. Less selfishness, more compassion. More rock n’ roll.

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