March 7th, 2018
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Total Recall – great movie! (well, at least for us born before 1990…) – Douglas Quaid, the main character played by the now almost extinct (Terminated) actor Schwarzenegger, has his memory erased and is now living a “normal” life, with an implanted memory (by the evil bad guys who can’t let him talk). BUT, of course he finds his true self, gets rid of the brain transplant, and remembers his real life: he has an exciting job as a secret agent and his life is everything but ordinary and normal. Everything changes for him. The world is the same, but his life does a 180 – just like when you discover you have a voice in your head and realize you are not fully present most of your life. THE LESSON: Take back control from your mind (the implant that is preventing the real you from flowering) – TOTAL RECALL!

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