May 14th, 2020
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Torn apart by distance and lockdowns

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Corona times are taking its toll on relationships – either the distance between you, like for most in isolation, is now too close and is causing havoc in your home. Or corona has totally separated you from your loved one by closed borders and lockdowns, putting an equal stress-test to your love for each other. Arguments arise, your built-in Monkey Brain kicks in – you are right, your partner is wrong. He or she thinks the same. Then you make up. Then you remember what he said, he remembers what you said – Monkey Brain baggage is back in play. You need to bring back your built in Zen Master, the chilled part of you, the forgiving part of you, the compassionate part of you, the loving part of you – that’s your true inner self, who you really are. Your Monkey Brain is a figment of your imagination – but he seems so very real, and unfortunately is often ruling your life, causing chaos.

Relationships: A Rocky Road

If you have found a good road that you love traveling on – you don’t mind if there are some obstacles along the way, it’s part of the road, part of the game. Roadblocks (other people disrupting your relationship), a tree that has fallen across the road (maybe a major argument or some incident), or small potholes in the road (small arguments) – no big deal, because the road and the journey is beautiful. Amazing scenery, you stop for the stunning views…stay over for a few days on a beautiful beach…then some more rocks on the road, this time they are bigger…harder to remove from the road so you can drive on…maybe it’s not worth the effort…you think about abandoning the road…maybe there are better roads (even if not as beautiful, scenic, but perhaps a bit less trouble)…you finally manage to remove the rocks, but make the mistake of putting the rocks in the trunk of your car (baggage)…the road trip starts again but it’s more difficult to manoeuvre the car because it is heavy with rocks…you should be smart and just stop and unload everything you put in the trunk (old arguments), but you cling to the rocks like they are some kind of precious stones…you need to stop, throw the rocks out …and don’t look in the rear view mirror…look ahead, on the beautiful road and enjoy the journey…but then yet another rock comes on the road, another obstacle…you get sick and tired of the road (your partner) and abandon it, you decide to give up…there must be better roads to travel on…even if the terrain is not as good. You find a new road, and you discover that this one also has obstacles…usually the first few months of travel there are less obstacles (new love, excitement), but then they come…and it starts to look a little like the last road, and you start collecting more rocks (baggage) in the back of the car. You even discover you have kept some rocks in the car from the previous road (relationship). When you have travelled a couple of roads you realize there are no roads without rocks. Yes, some roads have less rocks, but there will still be rocks. It’s ok to change roads, but don’t do it as soon as the going gets rough. Changing roads is the easy way out, sticking to your main road and dealing with all the twists and turns, hardships as well as all the amazing moments – that’s tougher.

Good luck with your relationships – don’t let corona or other rocks defeat you and make you give up too easily on your journey of love and life together. Be safe. Be good.

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