Book Contents

Table of Contents for Monkey Brain On Cocaine:

Chapter 1: Introducing the Monkey Brain on Cocaine
Chapter 2: The Search for The Holy Grail
Chapter 3: MindLESSness or Mindfulness?
Chapter 4: “What the hell have you people been smoking out there?”
Chapter 5: ZOMBIA
Chapter 6: Agent Smith (The Matrix): Human Beings are a Disease
Chapter 7: Ignorance is BLISS – The Matrix
Chapter 8: WTF – Where’s The Food?
Chapter 9: Monkey Brains on Facebook
Chapter 10: Combat Strategy: Left, Right and Center
Chapter 11: The Voice in the Head – Monkey Mind
Chapter 12: CPP – Collecting Presence Points
Chapter 13: Creativity
Chapter 14: Mind The Gap
Chapter 15: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun
Chapter 16: Are you one step ahead, or one step behind?
Chapter 17: The Autopilot
Chapter 18: Monkey Brain SCREWS UP
Chapter 19: Total Recall
Chapter 20: The OFF Switch
Chapter 21: Monkey Brain on Elm Street
Chapter 22: Sit STILL Godammit!
Chapter 23: Yoga
Chapter 24: Cogito, ergo sum – I think, therefore the Monkey exists
Chapter 25: Freaking EGO!
Chapter 26: Soldiers
Chapter 27: Hey, Teacher – leave them kids alone!
Chapter 28: AVATAR
Chapter 29: Yin and Yang
Chapter 30: “Jetplanes, Islands, Tigers on a Gold Leash…”
Chapter 31: Love Club vs. Fight Club
Chapter 33: Monkey Brain on Cocaine vs. Pablo Escobar
Chapter 34: Monkey Brain on Cocaine Reacts
Chapter 35: Monkey Brain on Liquid Cocaine (Tequila)
Chapter 36: A Perfect World
Chapter 37: Steve Jobs – a rotten Apple?
Chapter 38: WTF – is this just total Bullshit?
Chapter 39: From Zero to Hero
Chapter 40: The Butterfly Effect
Chapter 41: Reincarnation – the Monkey has many lives
Chapter 42: Imagination vs. Mental Masturbation
Chapter 43: MOYO
Chapter 44: Boat Drinks
Chapter 45: I Choose the Matrix – I don’t want to wake up!
Chapter 46: ROAD RAGE
Chapter 47: Yoda vs. Monkey Brain on Cocaine
Chapter 48: Monkey Brain on the Plane
Chapter 49: Turbulence
Chapter 50: “I See Dead People”
Chapter 51: SILENCE – I KILL YOU!
Chapter 53: Avatar Entrepreneurs
Chapter 54: Monkey Brain Gets Slain

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