About The Book

Take Control of your Mind by killing your[br] “Monkey Brain on Cocaine”

Monkey Brain on Cocaine is a book that will teach you how to become a sharper and more intelligent individual and how to take control over your mind, which is now controlling You – a scary fact most of us don’t even know about.

This book will make you understand that you already have everything you need to turn your life into an adventure, that you possess all the intelligence and all the tools required to become your own life coach, increase your creativity and better handle all situations in your life.

This book is your life instruction manual for becoming a calmer, a more in control and much sharper individual. Turn your life into an exciting adventure – unlock your infinite intelligence and discover your true potential in this entertaining, instructional and insightful book. Find out how to direct your life energies, your Life Force – instead of wasting that precious energy by spreading it in all directions. Learn how to focus 100% – on everything in your life. Don’t cruise through life like a Zombie – find your true calling, and learn how to take action. Leave anger, stress, anxieties and relationship problems behind you – take charge of your life, and do it now.

We need to take back control of our minds, of our lives and of our destinies. “Monkey Brain on Cocaine”, a mind that seems to have a life of its own, is the barrier – and needs to be removed. We need a mind that’s under our control, not a mind that’s out of control. The only person in the world who can help you – is YOU. The recipe is simple, yet you will need to find the ingredients for living your life to the max. The good news is, you are carrying those ingredients in a safe within you – you just have to find the key to that safe. Become your own mind coach. You are the only person who can unlock the safe inside you that contains your true intelligence, life force, confidence and potential. No therapist in the world holds that key, you do.

Get a few laughs, some new insights and a hands-on instruction manual for becoming a more focused, more intelligent and a more relaxed human being – by learning how to kill your Monkey Brain on Cocaine. You may also get an “Existential Punch in the face” – a deeper wake up call, which will change your life forever.

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