April 25th, 2020
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Sweden versus Corona – NO FEAR

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Sweden takes on Corona fight in a different way – no fear, no lockdown, no nonsense.

Don’t be fooled, don’t read rumours on social media about the “Swedish Herd Immunity Strategy” – that’s the kind of nonsense Donald Trump spreads. The Swedes are taking this seriously, keeping distance, working from home and many of the other necessary precautions. The government is, for now, choosing to give its citizens the responsibility to make the right decisions. Keeping the economy and society more open than other countries may or may not be the right move – but moving against the herd, against flock mentality, usually pays off. It’s like the stock market, when the herd is buying like crazy, creating a bubble, the professional traders have already started selling. Time will tell! Be safe. Be good.

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