August 29th, 2018
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Monkey Sapiens

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An astonishing number of people, in the year of the lord 2018, still believe humans are the divine creation of a god, and not a product of biological evolution. Even highly educated people, with science degrees, believe this. People still kill to defend this belief. These people, I believe, suffer from a severe case of Monkey Brain Syndrome – it could be the case that they have a mutation, with dna-wiring completely out of whack. Nonetheless, we all suffer from the Monkey Brain – thoughts spinning out of control for no good reason from time to time. The next step in evolution, possibly sped up by biotechnological breakthroughs, is to find whatever is causing the mind state of “Monkey Brain” (or “Monkey Mind”, like the Buddhists call it), and eliminate it. It’s more important than to eliminate cancer, because the Monkey Brain Syndrome wreaks even worse havoc: divorce, school shootings, genocide, depression, addictions and WARS, to name just a few of the many offspring Monkey Brain leaves in his wake.

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