August 11th, 2014
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Turn off the autopilot

Turn off the autopilot – take the aircraft flight controls and fly through life on your own. On autopilot, that’s what are you are when you brush your teeth, driving your car, riding your bike, rollerblading, sitting in the ski lift, taking a shower, standing on the treadmill, sitting in the lunch room at work, taking care of the dishes, cooking….we are then stuck in our heads – on autopilot.

Take the flight controls, and the controls of everything you do in life…don’t cruise through life on autopilot, like a Zombie. In the book Monkey Brain on Cocaine there’s a chapter dedicated to the Autopilot where you can read more about the autopilot and how you can “de-automize”.

In the movie The Aviator it seems the only place Mr. Howard Hughes was at peace was in the cockpit, behind the controls – he probably needed to apply the concept of turning off the autopilot in many other parts of his life as well, since he was apparently quite disturbed mentally. For example, he was an extreme case of Mysophobia (fear of germs) and had to wash his hands repeatedly throughout the day – watch the movie if you haven’t seen it…

Watch the trailer of The Aviator below:

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