April 12th, 2018
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Homo Sapiens 2.0

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Fighting the machines, or embracing them? Well look at your love affair with your smartphone – you are already very deeply connected to technology, almost at a biological level, where you are able to project your personality and intelligence through your personal electronic device. THE NEXT STEP? Man evolved from simple organisms, man created technology (which is all just atoms, bits and bytes, like everything else in nature). Nature made man, man made technology – so how is technology not simply a part of evolution of intelligence? When the human brain is fully reverse engineered, and we can can replace our slow thinking brains with nano-tech brains that compute 1 million times faster, we have become homo sapiens 2.0 (retaining all the good bits of love, human touch and compassion, and without the negative crap; jealousy, hate, depression… – the Monkey Brain). What U think?

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